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  • Through the bible, a phrase a day

    Many phrases in the English language have originated from the Bible, such as ‘given up the ghost‘, or ‘Pride comes before a fall‘. Glen Scrivener, of Speak Life, takes one phrase at a time, and unpacks spiritual truths, in 365 daily devotional videos that take you through the whole Bible! For this week's phrases, click on the links below:

    Saturday, 4/17/21 (Day 107): "I Know That My Redeemer Lives"  

    Sunday, 4/18/21 (Day 108): "Gird Up Your Loins"

    Monday, 4/19/21 (Day 109): "Repent in Dust and Ashes"

    Tuesday, 4/20/21 (Day 110): "Old and Full of Days"

    Wednesday, 4/21/21 (Day 111): "Blessed"

    Thursday, 4/22/21 (Day 112): "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God"

    Friday, 4/23/21 (Day 113): "My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?"

    Saturday, 4/24/21 (Day 114): "Laughed to Scorn"  

  • dig deeper into the bible in 2021

    Experience the story of Jesus like never before with a reading plan from BibleProject. Reflect on major themes in Scripture as you read through the entire Bible in one year.

    This week we finish up Kings and dive into Isaiah!

    As you finish up 1 and 2 Kings, we hope the important role of Israel’s prophets has started to make sense to you. They warned that Israel was on the precipice of major judgment from Yahweh and that an enemy nation was coming to take out the northern Israelite tribes. And they were right.

    As you read the final chapters of 2 Kings, you’ll discover that Jerusalem suffered a similar fate when the Babylonians took over, and then the book ends. This was a watershed moment in Israel’s history and in the story of the Bible. Israel’s existence as a national kingdom with rulers, land, and a temple was destroyed. The Hebrew Scriptures began to take their modern shape in the wake of these events.

    Even though this event comes in the middle of the biblical drama, its ripple effect reaches throughout all of Scripture. The exile to Babylon was one of the most formative events in biblical history. Our reading plan will now continue in the ancient Jewish ordering of Scripture, which places the book of Isaiah after 1 and 2 Kings. Only the prophetic hope of Isaiah could turn this tragic story back into one of hope. 

    Day 1: Read 2 Kings 18-19, Psalm 106. 

    Day 2: Read 2 Kings 20-22, Psalm 107. 

    Day 3: Read 2 Kings 23-25, Psalm 108. 

    Day 4: Read Isaiah 1-4, Psalm 109. Watch The Prophets

    Day 5: Read Isaiah 5-8, Psalm 110. Watch Holiness

    Day 6: Read Isaiah 9-12, Psalm 111. Watch Spiritual Beings

    Day 7: Read Isaiah 13-17, Psalm 112. Watch Elohim.  

    To learn more about the role of the prophets, check out this blog post.

  • God uses difficult circumstances.

    Does God really bring “good” from man’s evil intentions?

    Joseph of the “technicolor coat” fame is one of the most popular people from the Old Testament. But it's easy to forget that he was a real person who endured an incredibly difficult life of hardship and pain. Explore Joseph’s amazing journey from dungeon to throne room chapter-by-chapter and discover how God was there in the midst of his mess… and ours.

    Click HERE to download BSF’s five-week study of Joseph’s life as covered in Genesis 37-47.

  • Could you use some help when it comes to studying the Bible? In this short video, David Platt shares a simple framework to follow when reading God's Word.

    Runtime: 5 min. 45 sec.

  • Eyewitness video narratives are Bible-based and are designed to spark your imagination and provoke your curiosity. Each video is 8-15 minutes long and addresses a portion of the Bible from the viewpoint of a Bible character. The videos and study guides provide a significant amount of historical, cultural, and chronological information that the original writers and hearers of the Bible knew, but are not well-known by most people today. 

    It is our hope that these videos will entice viewers to read and study the related Scriptures. For those who want to go deeper, we have provided study guides for the videos and related Scriptures (see the RESOURCES tab below each video).

  • The Word One to One is a guided read-through of John’s gospel, an eyewitness account of the life of Jesus. Each episode takes a small section of John’s gospel to read through verse by verse. The notes are designed to be read with a friend and contain all that you need to guide you through the gospel of John. This includes the passage, possible questions and notes which can serve as a framework for your conversation.

  • Every religion, every worldview is telling a story. They're trying to take the things we know about the world and fit them together into a big picture. Click on the link above to learn more about the true Story of Reality.

    Time: 4 minutes, 25 seconds

  • These messages are designed for those who are curious about Jesus or who want to grow in their knowledge of Jesus. Each short podcast is focused on who Jesus is and what He has done for us! Feel free to share them with friends.

  • free rightnow media subscription

    Our church's Bible study library is now digital... and GIGANTIC! It includes over 20,000 discipleship videos for kids, youth, and adults that can be accessed whenever and wherever you want - on your phone, tablet, computer, or at home on your TV. And the best part is, it's FREE to you and anyone connected to Church of God of San Jose! 

    For unlimited access to amazing video Bible studies, teachings, conferences, kids shows, family entertainment, and more, click on a link below: