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contact a ministry leader

Have questions or comments for your leader? Want to serve in a specific ministry? 

Contact them by email today, or call the church office at (408) 295-3605.

Discipleship Team Leader

Contact: Ron Hunt


Finance Team Leader

Contact: Kristi Byers

Greeters Team Leader

Contact: Eric Merritt

Men's Ministry Leader

Contact: Grady Johnson

Women's Ministry Leader

Contact: Patty McNeil

Young Adult Ministry Leader

Contact: Ron Hunt


Prayer Ministry Leader

Altar Prayer Team Contact: Andrea Moran-Brown

Prayer Email Chain Contact: Patty McNeil

PromiseLand Children's Ministry Leaders

Contact: Lauren Hunt


X-Force Kids Ministry Leaders

Contact: Courtney Hunt | Lauren Hunt

courtney@4others.org | lauren@4others.org

Second Harvest Sunday Leader

Contact: Army Brown

T.L./C. (Talk and Listen Over Coffee) Leader

Contact: Rose Hoffman

Worship Team Leader

Contact: Courtney Hunt