So glad you're here! We understand that kids (and parents!) can be nervous when they're someplace new. We want to make sure you and your kids know exactly what to expect when you arrive so that you feel confident and prepared.

infants & toddlers

When you arrive, follow the path inside the gate and enter the first door to your left. There you'll find our Noah's Ark Nursery for infants to toddlers. Simply sign-in and drop-off! 

Kids will enjoy story time, music, activities, playtime, snacks, prayer, dance, and coloring with their hands-on teacher and assistant! Just let us know if your child has any food allergies and we'll make necessary arrangements. 

Worried about your child crying? We know first time visits are hard. But remember - crying is both normal and okay. We'll even contact you if your child cries any longer than 10 minutes. Teaching your child that Mommy or Daddy will be right back instills trust. We've got your back with experienced teachers. So, sit back and enjoy service while we take loving care of your little ones.

Kids ages 4-12

When you arrive, follow the path down to the last door on your left. There you'll find the big kids classroom for ages 4-12. Then, simply sign-in and drop-off! 

Your kids will enjoy hands-on activities and an interactive Bible lesson to both build friendships and learn about God in a loving, fun environment. We've got games, costumes, and occasionally a treat, too! We hope your kids enjoy their time at PromiseLand and will feel accepted into the family the first time they come! Our teachers are fun, experienced, and love visitors. Plus, first-timers get to pick out a toy in our prize chest, too!

Why such a big age range in one class? We're a small church and our kids love to hang out together! However, we understand age differences mean different levels of understanding, so we do our best to suit all ages with our teaching and activity sheets that are each age-appropriate. 


Here at PromiseLand, we love our volunteers! If you're interested in serving in either classroom, contact the church office at (408) 295-3605 or by email: office@sjcog.com.

We'd love your help! Please know we take child safety very seriously. All applicants will be background checked and fingerprinted before approval. To learn more about our safety policies, click here